Pollution Caused By Automobiles Is Quite Dangerous, But Only When You Inhale It

Pollution Caused By Automobiles Is Quite Dangerous, But Only When You Inhale It

Automobiles are often associated with some dangers to mankind. The most dangerous part of an automobile is the smoke let out through its exhaust-pipe. All cars emit some form of pollution into the air. It takes the form of carbon-monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and other elements.

While discussions of environmental pollution might include carbon dioxide in detail, it is carbon monoxide that is responsible for most of the deaths and disorders. Inhaling certain amounts of carbon monoxide present in emissions let out by cars inhibits the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen. As a consequence, organs of the body like heart and the brain are impeded in their functionality.

Hydrocarbons are formed when fossil fuels are incompletely burnt as in the case of a car engine. Hydrocarbons can pose significant risks for human health. For instance, inhalation of hydrocarbons manifests itself in the form of cancer.

Nitrogen oxide has the potential to completely destroy the lungs. They are found in high quantities in the exhausts of heavy vehicles. Even cars are known to release oxides of nitrogen during combustion of fuel. It has detrimental effects on the atmosphere in the form of smog and acid rain.

The trail of smoke let out by cars and other vehicles driven by diesel is called particulate matter. It is made of a mixture of nitrates, sulfates and other organic materials. These particles are often small enough to obstruct respiratory and cardiovascular system of the body, they do tend to block and choke the heart and the lungs.






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